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Brad Scott

Is the semantic web getting easier to do?

Is the momentum building on the whole linked data and semantic web thing?

Finally catching up on some reading, I saw the piece in the Guardian about how Tim Berners-Lee is to help the UK government make its data more easily available online[1]. This can only be a good thing for helping to get the awareness out there, not only of how to do it, but also that it can work. The Linked Data initiative certainly has some useful material on making it happen, and the spring report from PriceWaterhouseCoopers also focuses on the semantic web and how some businesses such as the BBC are now beginning to engage with it.

Last week at the Semantic Technology conference held in San Jose the keynote from Tom Tague of Thomson Reuters’ OpenCalais gave a useful introduction to the trends in this very interesting area.[2] There should be more details about many of the papers and other talks appearing on the conference website soon.

Making a start with the semantic web should be getting easier, as the recent announcement about Google Rich Snippets made clear, though as Richard Padley noted in his blog, Google’s use of RDFa is not completely kosher.[3] In parallel with that development, Common Tag has also opened up an RDFa-based means of getting a decentralised interoperability between tags.[4]

How far have you got with your engagement with the semantic web? I’d be interested to know to what extent publishers are starting to put a toe in the water.

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