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Brad Scott

My favourite blogs

Which blogs are the most useful and inspiring sources for digital publishing? Some of the publishing students at University of the Arts asked me what I read recently, so I trawled through and was quite surprised to see which blogs I’ve been bookmarking most; some of them are not necessarily the obvious candidates. Still, this is what has been getting most of my attention:

  1. Tools of Change for Publishing: The great O’Reilly blog.
  2. ReadWriteWeb: useful, if slightly overwhelming, analysis of products and trends.
  3. The discovery blog: The blog of my old company, Semantico, always contains really useful and practical posts. Recent posts have been on online identity, accessibility and QA.
  4. eConsultancy blog: digital marketing in the broadest sense, and they publish some very good reports.
  5. Copyblogger: because writing for the web is so important.
  6. if:book: Institute for the Future of the Book.
  7. A List Apart: “explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.”
  8. InfoDesign: Understanding by Design: News items relating to information design, user experience etc.
  9. Museum 2.0: Not obviously relevant, but I love the parallels and connections between publishing and the museum world and Nina Simon’s blog always makes me think about other ways of doing things.
  10. History Compass Theory & Methods Blog: Again, it might not be a “digital publishing” blog, but the different perspective is refreshing, and it is one of my connections with digital humanities and history which I’ve enjoyed for years.

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