Brad Scott

Let the blogging commence

When I was a publisher it felt like I was drowning in information about online publishing, and that was back in the 90s. Since I started my freelance digital publishing activities a few months ago it’s been interesting to see that many publishers still don’t really have enough time for reading about the industry. It can be a surprise to those of us who work on the digital end of things that there are lots of publishers who need some useful pointers and guides through the maze.

So, as I was reading, I started making some notes and passing them on to a few publishing friends. In the back of my mind I knew there was a blog trying to get out, and so here it is. I’ve had a bit of space at last to sit down and get it up and running.

Thanks to everyone who has been feeding my interest and enthusiasm these last few months. Do let me know what you’d like to see here.

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