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As you might expect, blogs are now being used extensively by book reviewers, which means there is another channel that book publicists and marketers need to engage with. Clearly, this isn’t just about promoting digital content either. A good start is the Book Publicity Blog, by Yen Cheong, Assistant Director of Publicity at Viking and Penguin, which not only gives useful advice about how best to engage with blogs1 and other online media for book promotion, but also includes a very valuable list of book-related blogs.

Even so, when it comes to corporate engagement with blogging, the medium can be misunderstood and misapplied. What people don’t want is to be marketed at all the time (or maybe even any of the time). EContent magazine included a short piece about basic blogging,2 though Chris Brogan’s hints and tips3 are probably a better place to start. As he suggests, blog pieces need to give you something to think about, but also give you some useful practical information too, ie how to do something. He’s often written some very valuable summaries and crib sheets, not least on how best to use and write for a blog.

I’ll follow this up with more on publishers’ use of blogs and social networking in a future item.

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